JBALB Policies



The core business of JBALB Sarawak as reflected in its mission is to ensure the provision of potable and safe water supply to the required standard and quality and which are adequate, affordable and reliable and able to meet the needs of all users.

JBALB Sarawak will undertake its mission by focusing on the following strategic objectives:

  1. Development of a Water Supply Master Plan with systematic prioritizing of projects for implementation to cater for the ever-increasing demand for water supply;
  2. Extension of water supply coverage to all unserved areas;
  3. Management of raw water resources and development of raw water sources to ensure sustainable raw water supply;
  4. Enhancing project implementation and monitoring to ensure projects are completed according to schedule, budget and approved scheme values;
  5. Developing in-house capability for planning and design of water supply systems;
  6. Reduction of non-revenue water (NRW);
  7. Improvement of Water Supply Systems to enchance efficiency, quality and cost optimization through the adoption of suitable new technologies in the water supply systems; and
  8. Development of a skilled, competent and motivated workforce for operation and maintenance of the water supply systems.

The functions of the proposed Department include the following:
  1. Planning, design and development of raw water source and water supply systems in Sarawak;
  2. Management, operation and maintenance of water supply systems in areas within its jurisdiction in Sarawak;
  3. Planning, development and extension of clean and quality water supply to rural areas; and
  4. Assisting the State Water Authority in the administration and enforcement of the Water Ordinance, the Water Supply Regulations and related licensing provisions in the State.