Sarawak Pay / S Pay Global

In this page, we will show you step-by-step guide on making payment of water bills through Sarawak Pay.

If you wish to know about JBALB bills payment, click here.

Or, if you wish to know about making payment of water bills through BSN or BSN Agents, click here.

Or, if you wish to know about making payment of water bills through PaybillsMalaysia, click here.



S Pay Global (formerly known as Sarawak Pay) is a mobile application extension of PayBills Sarawak Portal, an initiative by the Sarawak Government to provide a one-stop mobile app payment channel for public to make payment for bills or purchases via their mobile phone.

Currently, there are more than 30 billers and service providers from various Government Agencies and their subsidiaries including JBALB Sarawak, providing online payment for utilities, assessment, land rent and premium, purchase of goods and services, and many others through Sarawak Pay.

S Pay Global supports payment via Internet banking direct debiting, debit/credit card and PaymentGalaxyWallet electronic money. Sarawak Pay allows you to:

  • Register with S Pay Global / Sarawak Pay.
  • Request for new password.
  • Scan & Pay using QR codes.
  • Receive your bills online and make payment for your subscribed bills at 'Pay My Bills'. The bills can be subscribed via the PayBills Sarawak Portal (please refer to PaybillsMalaysia page).
  • Make multiple bill payments for up to 35 bills.
  • Complete payment through options of Internet banking direct debiting, debit/credit card or PaymentGalaxyWallet electronic money.
  • View a list of your previous payments at 'Transaction History'.

The Apps is available in English version. It is free!

Available for Android version 5.0 and above.

Available for IOS version 8 and above.

This is how you use the Sarawak Pay to pay your JBALB bills:

First, download the app from Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Open the app and login to your PaybillsMalaysia account.


Next, if you wish to topup your wallet, you may top up by online banking, credit/debit card etc.

Then, use your wallet or directly pay from debit/credit card to pay your bills. You can also scan the JBALB bill. You may pay multiple bills at the same time.

JBALB bills will be listed in the system. Pick the bills you wish to pay.

Once paid, you can view your bills in the history section.



Should you need further assistance, you may refer to their website