In this page, we will show you step-by-step guide on making payment of water bills through BSN or BSN agents.

If you wish to know about JBALB bills payment, click here.

Or, if you wish to know about making payment of water bills through PaybillsMalaysia, click here.

Or, if you wish to know about making payment of water bills through Sarawak Pay, click here.



Consumers may now pay using BSN through any of the following:

  • payment to any BSN agent; or
  • payment using online BSN account.


  • Approach any BSN agent, be it sundry shop or convenience store. Look for the label "EJEN BSN". Bring along your water bill and change.

  • Ask BSN agent about bill payment. Show your water bill. Let BSN agent to key in in their payment device as follows (please note, the display may show "JKR Sarawak" instead of "JBALB Sarawak", it is acceptable as the category is "water bill").

  • Once the account and bill details including payment amount are keyed in, pay to the BSN agent. The confirmation display will be shown as follows:

  • Once payment is keyed in, the device will print a payment receipt.

  • Check your payment receipt against your intended payment. If it is correct, you are done! Please wait for at least 2 working days before payment is updated.

TRIVIA: Unlike BSN and Paybillsmalaysia, payment through SBBS and Pos Malaysia may take longer time to process due to nature and procedural. Therefore, we really appreciate if you pay using BSN or Paybillsmalaysia to avoid delay in payment updates.

We hope you find this information useful. Do not hesitate to contact our nearest JBALB office should you have enquiries. Thank you.