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The Official Website of
Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department


Ibu Pejabat,
Jabatan Bekalan Air Luar Bandar (JBALB) Sarawak,
Mezzanine and 1st Floor,
Bangunan ST3,
No. 55, Jalan Simpang Tiga,
93350 Kuching,

Telephone: 082-263000

Fax: 082-263197 (General) 

       082-263199 (Director)

Location Map:

Online ServicesOnline Services


For time being we provide the following online services:

  1. Payment of bills through PaybillsMalaysia and MyBSN; and
  2. Lodging of complaints through Talikhidmat and online complaints.


For payment of bills through online services, we recommend using PaybillsMalaysia whereby user may not only be able to pay water bills from JBALB, but also from other utility providers too such as SESCO, KWB etc.

The link to PaybillsMalaysia is as follows: click here

We are also rolling out options to pay bills from various options. One of them is via BSN agents which is available not only in major towns and cities, but also at rural communities. However, this payment option is only available for Bau water supply consumers. We will expand this service to all other JBALB consumers in the future. 

The link to MyBSN is as follows: click here

For other payment options, we will update it from time to time.



For lodging of complaints in regards to water supply in your area, we recommend lodging complaints through Talikhidmat and online complaints.

The link to Talikhidmat is as follows: click here

The link to online complaints form is as follows: click here