The Utilities Project Launching Ceremony of Kampung Merakai, Serian
Posted on : 10 Dec 2020

The Utilities Project Launching Ceremony of Kampung Merakai which was held at Dewan Masyarakat Kampung Merakai in the Serian Division on 10th December 2020 was officiated by Yang Berhormat Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi anak Utom, the Minister of Utilities Sarawak.

Also presented and accompanying the Minister in the ceremony was N.23 Bukit Semuja ADUN, YB Mr. John Ilus along with Ir. Chang Kuet Shian, the Director of the Rural Water Supply Department of Sarawak.

Kampung Merakai is a village in the Serian Division which is located at the opposite bank of the Senyabah Gedong river, Serian. The village which has the total population of 445 people in the area earlier before, has not received any clean and proper water supply but only depending on harvesting rainwater for their daily needs.

Be aware of the fact that the village is having a crucial limitation upon years towards the supply of water, Sarawak Government through the Sarawak’s Ministry of Utilities and the Rural Water Supply Department of Sarawak as the main implementing agency has been working together in their best effort to plan and execute this project as well as to address and handle Merakai’s village water supply issues.

This fully funded project by the Sarawak Government also includes the installation of 250 DI and 225 HDPE water pipes as well as the communication pipes from the junction of the Gedong Palm Oil Mill and Plantation to the Merakai Village. This project has finally made a great impact where it has benefited many people especially the villagers of the Merakai Village, school staffs and students of SK Merakai, Serian.